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Summer Road Trip!

Day 2

daily devotional for kids

Psalm 145:10 Lord, all your works praise you. Your faithful people praise you.

Dear Journal,

I can’t think of a better way to end a day than with explosions! Explosions of color and light, that is! Today we celebrated our national holiday with fireworks! It was the best display I had even seen. It went on forever. They ended off the whole display with three, great big fireball explosions! I could almost feel the ground shake. Poor Posey! She was so scared she hid under the bed in the camper the whole time.

Mom and Dad read Psalm 145 after the fireworks. Psalm 145 talks a lot about remembering the amazing things God has done, like how he takes care of us, or how he made the amazing world around us. It says that we should praise him.

Lord, all your works praise you. Your faithful people praise you.

Shooting off fireworks was like a really cool way to praise God. I guess we can’t do that everyday though.


Every day, we can praise God by remembering the great things he has done and then telling others about it. I am sure glad God sent Jesus so I could be forgiven of sin, and I am excited that God made a way for us to go on this road trip. I praise God for these things!


I can’t wait to see what God will do tomorrow. Now, I better go see if I can convince Posey to come out from under the bed!

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