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devotions for kids
devotions for kids
devotions for kids
devotions for kids

Meet A.J., Milo and Posey and SATTAR


A.J. is Milo’s older brother. He is eight and she is four and a half. Don’t forget the half! It is very important to Milo! Milo is in a hurry to grow-up. Posey is the beloved dog of the two siblings. A.J., Milo and Posey have many adventures together. In each one of these adventures, they learn more about who God is and who He created them to be! Join us on these daily adventures and maybe you, too, will learn more about God and who He created you to be!


A.J. is a sweet, sensitive young man who loves to build with any medium he can find – Lego, cardboard boxes or a video game controller. A.J. also loves to play soccer and read. His mom calls him the “keeper of justice”. A.J. does not like to get into trouble so he follows the rules (most of the time). He also likes to make sure that everyone else follows the rules too. This sometimes leads to conflict between A.J. and his sister. They always work it out in the end!

A.J.’s ambition – to be a video-game developer/tester


Milo is a determined, passionate young lady who loves to pretend anything and everything – pretend that she is a mommy, or a ninja, or that the floor is made of lava. Milo loves to play, move and talk. Milo’s mom says that she “lives in a joy bubble”. Whatever Milo does, she does it with full enthusiasm. She does not like it, however, when someone (namely her brother A.J.) comes along and tries to change the rules. She knows how she wants things done so watch out if you try to take over!

Milo’s ambition – to be a princess


Posey is the family’s faithful, furry friend and trusty sidekick. Actually, if you asked Posey, she would tell you that she is the youngest of the three children in the family because she thinks she is human! Wherever A.J. and Milo are, there you will find Posey joining in on the adventure. Posey is gentle and loyal with long, soft (sometimes muddy) black fur with a white belly, chest and paws.

Posey’s ambition – to get petted and give kisses


SATTAR (Super-Awesome-Time-Travelling-Automated-Robot) is A.J.'s pet project and friend. A.J. built SATTAR with his dad. SATTAR can travel back into time to the days when Jesus walked the earth and before! Travelling with SATTAR brings the stories in the Bible alive! He also helps us learn verses from the Bible every week with the Saturday Superverse!

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