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Author Allison Reimer

Me and my tribe!

Thanks for joining us at My Faith Adventures! My name is Allison and I have built this website to fill a need in my family's life. I hope you will find it helpful too! My Faith Adventures is a place for kids to have fun while learning about the Bible.

Isaiah 54:13 your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace.


It's tough to be a kid. Your kids face a lot of challenges growing up in today's society. Give them a good foundation in the word of God and great shall be their peace! Our website is here to help spark your child’s interest in God’s Word and to help them hide it in their hearts. Bookmark this page for your tech-savvy child, or read the daily devotional with your pre-schooler and watch them grow! You can even sign up to receive the daily devotionals directly in your inbox! 


How It Works

Each lesson is designed so that once your child has read the Bible verse and story, they can complete a question. Then a fun activity or game is unlocked for them to play. Learning the Word of God should be fun!


We know you are busy so this website was designed to keep things simple. Daily devotionals are dated so you can follow along and know what your child is reading about. Start a conversation with them about what they have read while you drive them to school or while you have supper. And don’t forget to let them see you reading the Bible! The best way to spark your child’s interest in reading the Bible is to read it yourself. After all, you are their most influential role model!

My Story

I have been teaching the Bible to children and writing Bible curriculum for 20 years through my local church. In the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of teaching my own two children as well! I live in Manitoba, Canada and along with developing this website, parenting a busy son and daughter, and volunteering at my local church, I help to run our family's business.

Your Child's Safety

I've designed this website to be a safe place for your child to come and learn about God. To receive the daily Bible reading we only ask for your email address. The best protection your child can have online is your involvement! We encourage you to spend time with your child online, not only to supervise their activities, but also to encourage them with what they are learning on My Faith Adventures!

Help Us Get The Word Out!

Help us get God’s Word out to those who might not normally choose to read it. Please share this site with your neighbors, your child’s classmates and friends. You can do so through sharing via email or social media, or print the handy Share Cards for your child to hand out personally to their friends.

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