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God's promise to Abraham

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God's promise to Abraham

Image courtesy of Sweet Publishing

Who? Abraham

Where in the Bible? Genesis 12-25, Old Testament

When? Approximately 4,120 years ago

Abraham’s Faith Adventure: God asked Abraham to leave the country he grew up in and go to a new and better land. God had a plan to build a great nation from Abraham’s children.

Just one problem – Abraham didn’t have any children! This is where faith comes in. Join SATTAR for Abraham’s Faith Adventures.


“Ouch!” A.J., Milo and SATTAR just landed the time machine. “Why was that ride so rough, SATTAR?” A.J. and Milo were brushing the dust off their clothes.

“We have gone a great distance back in time today! The further you go back in time, the rougher the ride,” explained SATTAR. “We are in a land called Canaan about 4,120 years ago!”

“Wow! Look at the stars! I’ve never seen so many brilliant stars before.” Milo and A.J. were amazed.

“There are no city lights here to obscure the stars,” said SATTAR. “It appears we are right on time. Look over there.”

“Who is that, SATTAR?” Milo quizzed.

“That is who we are here to see. Meet Abraham, or shall I say, Abram. Shhhh, let’s listen.”

The night air was warm and calm. An old man was sitting still, looking up at the sky as if he was expecting to see something special. Suddenly, a voice was heard. It seemed to come from all directions, not just one. Like it was some kind of heavenly surround sound. Abram did not look surprised, as if he had heard this voice before.

“Abram, do not be afraid.
    I am like a shield to you.
    I am your very great reward.”

But Abram said, “Lord and King, what can you give me? I still don’t have any children. My servant Eliezer comes from Damascus. When I die, he will get everything I own.” Abram continued, “You haven’t given me any children. This servant of mine will get everything I own.”

God said, “When you die, what you have will not go to this man. You will have a son of your own. Look up at the sky. Count the stars, if you can.” Then God said to Abram, “That’s how many children will be born into your family.”

Abram believed God. God was pleased with Abram because he believed. So, Abram’s faith made him right with God.

“SATTAR, how can one man have so many children?” asked A.J.

“Abraham held on to his faith in God for many years, and when he was 100 years old, he gave birth to a son and named him Isaac. Then Isaac got married and had children. Then Isaac’s children got married and had children. Do you see where I am going with this?”

A.J. figured it out. “God meant that all these people would come through Abram’s family line, his descendants. So many  that they would eventually become a nation.”

“You got it! That nation one day would be called Israel. As for Abram, God changed his name to Abraham which means father of many nations.”

“He was really old when he had his son Isaac!” exclaimed Milo.

“Yes, Abraham did not give up on believing that God would do what he said, even when it looked impossible that he would have a child. Even his wife Sarah was very old. She was about 90 years old! That is faith – believing that God will do what he says he will even when you can’t see it happening!”

“SATTAR, I want to see baby Isaac. Can we swing by on the way home?” asked Milo.

“I suppose a 25-year detour on the way home shouldn’t take too long. Let’s go!”

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