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Say "Good Morning" to God!

devotional for kids
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Psalm 139:18 When I awake, I am still with you. 


I gotta admit that I was pretty grouchy when I woke up this morning. Mom called several times before I finally dragged myself out of bed. Then when I finally came downstairs for breakfast, I didn’t say a word to anyone. I just didn’t feel like it. Milo said I was being rude. She was upset that I wouldn’t talk to her. I suppose I was rude to her.


I was also rude to God. I didn’t even say, “Good Morning” to him. After all, God is with me when I wake up in the morning. The Bible says so.


It says in Psalm 139:18, “When I awake, I am still with you.”


Just like it is rude to ignore people when you walk into a room, it is rude to ignore God.


God loves us so much and wants to be a part of our lives. We should start the day by saying, “Good Morning!” Ok, I learnt my lesson. From now on, I will talk to God when I wake up in the morning. What about you?

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