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How to show love!

daily devotional for kids
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Luke 10:27 Love your neighbor as you love yourself.


A.J. here. This week is Love Week at our school because Valentine’s Day is this week. We learned a Bible Verse about love at church on Sunday. It is from Luke 10:


Love your neighbor as yourself.


This verse is followed closely by a story that Jesus told about someone who showed love to a stranger. You can find this story in Luke 10:30-37.


In honor of Love Week at school I decided to write my own version of the story.


Here goes!


Once upon a time there was a kid on his way to the skate park. While on his way, a couple of bullies attacked him. They snatched his skateboard away from him, hit him over the head with it snapping the board into two pieces! Then they ran away.


Stars were circling over the boy’s head. He couldn’t stand up. He just laid there with his broken skateboard wondering what he was going to do!

Along came a kid from the boy’s school. This kid was one of the smart kids in school. He won lots of awards and he was a school patrol.

The boy was relieved. “He will help me,” he thought.

The smart kid stopped for a moment, looked at the boy on the ground, shrugged his shoulders and walked on.

“But wait…” The boy on the ground faintly called out for the other boy to help, but it was no use. He was gone.

Shortly after that, a feeling of relief came over the injured boy when he saw a girl from his school coming toward him. She was the top athlete in school. “Surely, she will help me,” thought the injured boy.

Without even slowing down, the girl craned her neck to look at the injured boy on the ground, but she too, did not stop to help!

The injured boy was now losing hope. He saw a third kid from his school riding a skateboard towards him. This kid was not very popular in school. There was nothing special about him. In fact, the injured boy didn’t like this boy very much. He thought the boy was geeky.

Just when the injured boy had lost all hope, something surprising happened! The third boy stopped to help!

This boy helped the injured boy up, put his arm around him and walked him home! When they arrived at the injured boy’s house, he did something even more amazing. The boy who stopped to help gave the injured boy his own skateboard!

“Here,” he said, “You have it. I feel bad that those bullies beat you up so bad and broke your skateboard.”

This boy really showed love to the injured boy! If we were in the injured boy’s situation, we would want someone to help us. And that is how we should live towards others – we should love them as we love ourselves! This was the command of Jesus to us in the Bible!

The End

Hey, I hope you liked my story. Thanks for listening!

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