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Choose Your Own Faith Adventure!

Jesus Calms the Storm

Matthew 8:23-27
Pictures by Richard Gunther

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Jesus got into a boat. His disciples followed him. Suddenly a terrible storm came up on the lake. The waves crashed over the boat.


But Jesus was sleeping.


The disciples went and woke him up. They said, “Lord! Save us! We’re going to drown!”

He replied, “Your faith is so small! Why are you so afraid?”


Then Jesus got up and ordered the winds and the waves to stop. It became completely calm.


The disciples were amazed. They asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”

The disciples faith adventure – even though the disciples had Jesus with them, they were afraid. They soon learned that they didn’t need to be afraid. Jesus calmed the storm and they were safe!

It is okay to feel afraid sometimes. We need to remember that God is always with us! We can call on him for help anytime, for anything!

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