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Know Jesus, know God!

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John 14:7 If you really know me (Jesus), you will know my Father also.

Yeesh! She did it again. Aunty Marge pinched me on the cheeks. Does she know I’m eight years old now? It always feels weird when she does that. We only see Aunty Marge once every couple of years because she lives far away. Mom says I should give her a chance. She says that if I spend some time getting to know her that I would see how much she really cares about us. So, I decided that this trip I would clear my schedule (video games, reading comics, collecting rocks…) and spend some quality time with Aunty Marge.

In the same way if we spend time with Jesus, we can get to know who God is and how much he cares about us.

Jesus said in the Bible “If you really know me, you will know my Father also.” John 14:7

We can get to know God by getting to know Jesus better. We can get to know Jesus by reading the Bible every day! It’s really not that complicated. Know Jesus, know God!

Well, it turns out that we had a great time with Aunty Marge on her visit. I discovered that she’s actually pretty cool! Who knew?! Now I look forward to our next visit.

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