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Games will come and go but God's love will last forever!

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devotional for kids

1 Corinthians 13:8 But love will last forever! 

“Hide and Seek!” “No, tag!” “No, HIDE AND SEEK!” “I want TAG!” Milo and her friend Dillon had always played Hide and Seek. It was their all-time favorite game. They always played it when Dillon came over.

Now Dillon said that Hide and Seek was boring and he didn’t want to play it anymore. He wanted to play tag now. It made Milo feel sad that she couldn’t play her favorite game with Dillon anymore.

There are many things in life that fade away. Some of your favorite toys and games from when you were little have been boxed up and given away because you forgot about them or got too old to play with them.

There is something that will last forever, though. 1 Corinthians 13:8 says “Love will last forever!”

Some Bible versions say that love never fails! God will always love you! He loves you now when you are young. And he will love you later when you are older. Nothing changes God’s love for you. Even when you do things that you know are wrong, he will still love you! His love is forever love! In the meantime, Milo can still play Hide and Seek with her Dad!

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