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Summer Road Trip!

Day 7

daily devotional for kids

Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the Lord makes you strong.

Dear Journal,

We left the mountains and spent the day driving to get to the dinosaur park. A whole day driving, leaving the mountains and to top it off, it was raining today. I wasn’t in a very good mood today. Mom said I was whining.

Dad read us this Bible verse from Nehemiah 8:10.

The joy of the Lord makes you strong.

He said that the reason I was feeling blue and not getting along with A.J. was because my joy was coming from the wrong place. I were depending on outside situations to make me joyful or happy. Real joy comes from the Holy Spirit living inside us. When we stop focusing on outside situations and let God’s Spirit do his work, then the joy that God has placed in us helps us to be strong.

It was sad that we were leaving the mountains. I loved the mountains! But that didn’t need to steel my joy. We still have a lot of fun things to see and do on our trip.

A.J. pulled out his joke book for the drive and read jokes to everyone. That got us all laughing for the rest of the drive!

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Milo's road trip
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