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Don't just hear,
do it!

daily devotional for kids

Matthew 7:24 Every one who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on a rock.

Milo plopped herself down on the floor and pouted. Posey knocked her block tower over again! A.J. had tried to tell her that her tower needed a stronger foundation to hold it up, but she would not listen. When Posey swished her tail, it hit Milo’s tower and the whole thing came down.

Jesus told a story to his disciples about two men who each built a house on different foundations. The house built on a strong foundation of rock stood up to a storm, but the house built on a weak foundation of sand crashed.

When we read the Bible and do what it says, we are like the man who built on a strong foundation. When hard times come in life, we will not lose out on the good things God has for us, including heaven! Milo would have been wise to listen to her brother, at least this time!

Read Matthew 7:24-27

A foundation is a base to build upon.

Disciples were Jesus’ closest friends.

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