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Five tips on creating a daily Bible reading habit in your kids

Many adults think reading the Bible on a daily basis is a daunting task, let alone your children! You can help your children develop a daily Bible reading habit with these 5 simple (did I mention, simple?) tips!

1. Read the Bible in front of your children.

Your children should see you reading your Bible everyday (or mostly everyday – I know, we are all busy!) Read somewhere in your home where they can see you. If you are reading a Bible App on your phone, make sure they know that you are reading the Bible and not just surfing. Before the age of 12 , you are still your child’s most powerful role model!


2. Don't wait for the "perfect" time

Don’t get stuck on thinking that you need the perfect atmosphere to read the Bible with your kids. Certainly, don’t wait until your house is clean or it will never happen lol! Take a moment when the kids are chowing down breakfast before school, when you are on the drive to all the extra-curricular activities, before they are allowed to have screen time or at bedtime. Whatever works for you! Better to have a quick time in the Bible than no time at all!


3.Use a variety of ways to read the Bible with your kids

Using our website My Faith Adventures to encourage your kids to read the Bible is a quick and easy way to get them reading, but it is not the only way. There are so many great Bible Devotional books written for children out there. Ask around – maybe you can even trade with friends once their kids are finished with it. Does your church have Bible Verse seat cards or a Bible verse written on the weekly program? Read it to your kids and talk about what it means. Don’t forget the Bible stories. There are so many stories in the Bible of people who had great adventures with God.


4. Pick up on your child’s cues

What is on your child’s mind these days? Struggling with school work? Friend troubles? Scared of the dark? Everything hunky dory? Whatever it may be, make reading the Bible relevant and applicable for your kids. Find verses that will help them with whatever situation they are facing. God’s Word is powerful and if received by faith, will be life-changing for your child!


5. Make reading the Bible fun and rewarding

Reading should be a daily (or almost daily) habit so make it fun and rewarding for your child. We are all motivated by an instant payoff. This why My Faith Adventures was designed to give your child a surprise activity - be it an online game, a downloadable activity or a joke – right when they are finished. Ultimately reading the Bible everyday will produce fruit in your child to set them up for a rewarding life full of adventures in God!


My Faith Adventures is launching soon! Be sure to join us on December 1 for some great Bible discovery adventures!

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