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Five lessons to learn from reading Bible stories with your kids!

Who doesn’t love time-travel?!

Traveling through time is so cool!

At My Faith Adventures SATTAR (Super-Awesome-Time-Traveling-Robot) likes to travel back in time to be a part of the adventures that other men and women had with God in the Bible. Here are five time-travel take-homes from the Bible!

1. The Stories in the Bible are not there by accident.
God chose the characters and stories in the Bible to encourage us and help us in our lives. Abraham and Sara, Moses, David, Isaiah, Mary and Joseph, Peter, John, Paul and so many more! Each one had an amazing adventure with God. They are among the great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews12:1) cheering us on in our adventures with God.
2. The people in the Bible are ordinary people like us.
The stories in the Bible are not of superheroes born with supernatural powers. They are stories of ordinary people doing super things because of their relationship with a super God. Esther was of the wrong culture, Gideon struggled with fear. We, too, can do super things through our relationship with God.
3. No perfect people, just a perfect God.
The characters in the Bible were not able to do great things because they were perfect people either. They sinned like us, or worse! Moses and David both murdered, yet God used them. Peter was hot tempered, and God used him. We don’t have to be perfect because we have a perfect God!
4. There are hard things in the world but we can overcome.
God asked the characters in the Bible to do hard things. Things that were beyond their abilities and comfort levels. Paul faced many hardships to spread the gospel throughout the world. God will ask us to do hard things too – but with his help we can do it! 
5. God will show us the way.
Through each of these stories in the Bible God shows us the way of faith. God calls us to live by faith – trusting in him for our daily lives. What better way to learn how to walk by faith than reading about how others walked with God in the Bible.
To join SATTAR on one of his time-traveling adventures click below!

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