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God sends the plagues on Egypt

daily devotional for kids

Based on Exodus 7-11

God spoke to Moses and Aaron. He told them to continue to tell Pharaoh that he had to let the Israelite people go.

God said, “I will multiply the signs and amazing things I will do in Egypt. In spite of that, he will not listen to you. So, I will use my powerful hand against Egypt. When I judge them with mighty acts, I will bring my people Israel out like an army on the march. Then the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord.”

Moses and Aaron did as the Lord told them. They went to Pharaoh to tell him to let the Israelite people go. Pharaoh was stubborn and would not. So, God sent several plagues on the people.

For the first plague, Aaron put his staff in the Nile River and the water turned to blood. All the water in the land turned to blood. Even the water stored in stone jars turned to blood. All the fished died in the river and the land began to smell bad.

For the next plague, Aaron held his staff out over the water and frogs came out in such numbers that there were frogs all over, even in the homes of the people. The frogs eventually died, and the land smelled very bad.

Then Aaron struck the dust with his staff and the dust became tiny fly-like gnats. The gnats were so many that they covered all the people and animals.

Pharaoh still did not let the Israelites go. So, the Lord sent flies for the next plague. After that, a sickness came over all the cows, camels, horses, donkeys, sheep and goats that belonged to the Egyptians. The livestock of the Israelites were spared. Even though Pharaoh saw God’s mighty power, he still would not let the Israelites go.

Four more plagues followed. Grasshopper-like creatures called locusts filled the land, a massive hailstorm destroyed all the crops. The animals and people that were outside also died. Then the Egyptians and their livestock broke out in sore boils all over their bodies. And finally, a darkness fell over the land. For three days no one could see anything or go anywhere.

Through all of this Pharaoh would not let the Israelite people go from slavery.

What does this mean for me?

God had a plan to set the Israelites free from slavery. Pharaoh was stubborn, but that was part of the plan. The most important part of the plan was that God be glorified. God was glorified through all the miracles he did.

Read Romans 9:17 in the Bible!

In Scripture, God says to Pharaoh, “I had a special reason for making you king. I decided to use you to show my power. I wanted my name to become known everywhere on earth.” (Exodus 9:16)

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